Javier Serrano
Javier Serrano
Portrayed By: Fernando Torres
Status: Alive
Age: 26
Occupation: Futbol-er
Theme Song: La Copa de la Vida by Ricky Martin
Alias: Penalty Kick!
Powers: Concussive Energy Blasts

Javier Serrano is better known as Penalty Kick!.

Despite being only 20, he is the second most famous superhero in the world, beaten slightly by The Swan. Penalty Kick! seems to only be popular outside of the United States, where he enjoys fame unrivaled.

As Javier Serrano, he plays professional football for Sevilla FĂștbol Club S.A.D. He is one of the most popular footballers worldwide, and makes almost as much money from football contracts and endorsements out of the mask as in it.

Both he and Additional Pylons are suspicious - that is: those in the know believe Javier is Penalty Kick! and Sun is Additional Pylons, since they were never very creative with their cover.


Born and raised in Madrid, Javier Serrano was an orphan from the start. His mother having died in child birth and his father having left her long before that, Javier had no family to speak of and no one to care for him. He was a ward of the state.

Life was not very bad for Javier (at least he had food and shelter, he'd always say), and to him, life was never really all there. Young Javier did not know what he was missing, simply that he was indeed missing something. As a boy, Javier was, as most European boys, a soccer fan, but he never focused too much on the sport, believing the hobby he enjoyed verily would never make his life worthwhile. Javier did well all through school, excelling physically, mentally, and socially. He had friends from all cliques, was never disliked, and, despite his impoverished disposition, would always be willing tom help out a stranger, no matter the costs.

After some time - around his thirteenth year of age - Javier began noticing some very different changes in his life. He was able to do things no other man could do. Utilizing the moon's unique (fictional) form of light, Javier was able to harness to ambient energy around himself and create solid spheres of concussive force, capable of knocking back, stunning, or even killing any thing in its path. After discovering these abilites, Javier knew he could not sit idly by and wait for the world to come to him as he had before. He had to take action! Become a man! Defend the world! And he did. Luckily, he matured quite early, leaving him looking (when masked) like any other superhero.

Though flamboyantly dressed in gaudy, outlandish primary colors, Penalty Kick! (the exclamation mark is needed) was a rousing success. He was the perfect hero. A gentleman, a knight, and a powerful ally to all those in need of good.

After thirteen, Javier quickly realized he could do more to save the world. He graduated from secondary school in just one year, and from university (with a degree in Political Science and International Relations from America's Yale University) at the age of 17. From there, Javier's choice was simple: make as much money as possible and donate it. So he joined a football club. Sevilla to be exact. Having been in soccer on and off, he quit at 13 to focus on the mask, but while at Yale, he realized during intramural play that he loved the game entirely too much to not play. He subsequently tried out and made the Sevilla team at 18. He is one of the foremost players in the world, and is perhaps the richest professional sports player on Earth.

After so many years of fighting crime, though, Javier had become a staple in the supe-world as well. While many suspect he is, in fact, Penalty Kick!, no solid evidence exists, and it is mainly just pipe dreams of children who want to play soccer and fight crime. If they only knew.

After some time, Javier (not Penalty Kick!) was approached by the Superhuman Unit for the Protection of Earth to join there rosters. And he did. He is currently on the "Junior Squad," though only as a formality. If they are ever truly in peril, both S.U.P.E. squads would deploy to save the citizens of Earth.

And that's Javier. The greatest superhero the world has seen. So far…


Javier is probably the most down to Earth superstar you'll ever meet. He not only helps people as Penalty Kick!, he saves lives as Javier, having funded no less than 40 orphanages and blood banks in just the two years he has been playing professionally. He is always ready to find a friend and seems to be the most approachable SUPE.

Masked Persona

Same as Javier. Literally. They're both boy-scouts. Good guys. Supermen.


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Has a sickly grandfather he cares for. Also: a wife, though she is quite capable on her own.

Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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