Jonathan Maldonado
Jonathan Maldonado
Portrayed By: Damon Wayans
Status: Alive
Age: 42
Occupation: Superintendent of Local School System
Theme Song: In Reverie by Saves the Day
Alias: Re:
Powers: Energy Absorption

Jonathan Maldonado is a major player in Canadian superheroing, and he and his team regularly investigate problems in their neighbor to the south: the United States. Occasionally even Lotus City!


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Jonathan is the quintessential nice guy. With his family by his side, nothing gets him down.

Masked Persona

Re: is a playful superhero, always getting into shenanigans and misadventures with his team partner CNI. They are happily married. As his name implies, he'll take anything you send him and send it right back.


  • Hard to Kill (5)


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Recent Events

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