Katrina Alfil
Katrina Alfil
Portrayed By: Jennifer Nichols
Status: Alive
Age: 25
Occupation: Undergraduate Student
Theme Song: She - Green Day
Alias: Raptor
Powers: Reflexive Muscle Memory

Katrina Alfil is an undergraduate student majoring in Physical Therapy at Erikson College.


Born to a priviledged family related to the famous Lotus City Santillians. Katrina was largely raised by string of nannies, as both her parents were busy with work and their own hobbies. Unfamiliar with humility, she quickly developed a strong, brash personality. In short, she did exactly what she wanted (mostly involved stealing her mom's keys to the XJ220 and going on joy rides and random races) for most of her life- despite her older brother's mild attempts to provide a parental figure.

Just months before her brother's wedding and her twenty-fifth birthday, she was assaulted while strolling through Van Lente Park. Initially traumatized, she recovered after her parents essentially reduced her yearly allowance to just enough for her to rent a room and eat. She starved repeatedly, trying to make a living through hustling pool and darts- a habit she has yet to give up.

A reckless determination to make sure that no other girl would go through what she went through (along with her financial 'troubles') gave her something she had never truly experienced before: motivation. She began to train in multiple primitive weapon systems, and, three years later, found herself an accomplished fighter. She attributed her quick learning curve to hard work and determination. She started mimicking Eagle Eye when she met him, and has come to regard him as the parental figure she never chose to have - much to his confusion.

Acquiring a Class I license to operate as a super-hero, she violated the conditions of her license several times by employing force to take down street criminals when she suspected them of committing crimes similar to her own victimization. She was approached by Erikson College when she attempted to obtain a Class II license.


Katrina possesses a caustic tongue she finds humorous, and isn't afraid to use it. While she cares for the 'innocent', her primary motivation seems to be making sure people do the right thing. Except her and the people she likes. They're justified, you see. You don't know what she's had to go through!

Masked Persona

She wears a streamlined black polyester/cotton jacket with a blue raptor's eye over turqoise and black compressed polyester/elastane leggings and light, non-skid blue shoes. A domino mask and straight red wig complete the ensemble. Her preferred weapon is a bow, though she's just as effective with a staff or sword.


  • Strength: 3
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Constitution: 4
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Perception: 6
  • Willpower: 3


Javier Alfil: older brother.
Clarence Bartholomew: hero.

Recent Events

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