Every evil supergenius has his puppet workshop. Or lab. Maybe a testing site? Whatever it is, this is where your characters house the tools, parts, ingredients, and programs of their trade.

Level 1
A basic workspace, with the required tools. An off the counter chemistry set or a garage set up with the usual tools. That sort of thing. You've got to pick a specialization - such as biology, furniture, motorcycle mechanics, etc. The character gets a +1 bonus to all analysis and creation rolls when in his lab. A meth lab would have this kind of thing, or an enthusiast on a low budget.

Level 2
This workspace is outfitted with better tools and would probably require a larger budget. Examples are a basic community college chemistry lab or a tinkerer's machine shop. The creator in question gets a +2 bonus in his field and a +1 to related fields.

Level 3
This is a professional laboratory, such as one you might find in a research facility. As such, it affords you a +3 bonus in your area of expertise and a +1 bonus to all related fields. With a level three lab, you gain a +1 to Superscience creation rolls, additionally.

Level 4
Evil geniuses generally have a lab that's equipped with tools that might as well be science fiction - and is usually complete with a network of computers that monitor, analyze, and do much of the work for their owners, as long as they know how to operate the things. At any rate, the Superscientist's elite-level lab allows for the creation of Superscience items and, in addition, awards a +3 bonus to all scientific analysis rolls, regardless of the character's field of expertise. Additionally, you gain a +2 to Superscientist rolls to create new things.

Cost: 1-4

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