Lily Fitzstephen
Lily Fitzstephen
Portrayed By: Kelly Sweet
Status: Alive
Age: 24
Occupation: Graduate Student
Theme Song: Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley
Alias: Lykaios
Powers: Lady Luck Herself

Lily Fitzstephen is better known as Lykaios (the name comes from her love of mythology and canines), and is the Irish S.U.P.E.-in-training. She does not live there, but has struck a deal with the Irish government to represent the nation in the S.U.P.E.s - she is also descended from IRA generals and serves as a counselor to relations with various Irish militant groups and the governments-at-large.


Or herstory.


Lily is a sweet young woman. Probably the nicest of the SUPEs, though perhaps the most naive. She may be a bit gullible, but without fail she can take care of anyone in a fight when the need arises. Lily prefers to resolve things peacefully, however. Having been raised in the quieter (drunken) parts of Ireland, she is quite unique, even among the eclectic SUPEs, due to her mind-fuckingly weird powers. Lily very often helps strangers in the street by lending them a little luck.

Masked Persona

Lykaios has always been very good at aiding others. She is usually team support. Like all SUPEs, Lykaios wears the skintight crimson armor/bodysuit. As an In-Training member, she simply has the octagonal symbol across her chest with no further decoration.


  • Hard To Kill (5)
  • Erikson Alumni


Your peeps. Folks, friends, whatever.

Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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