You can become a completely liquefied state of matter. Maybe you turn into water, maybe liquid steel. It doesn't really matter, you just need a reason and the ability to Liquefy. You are literally turning yourself into a puddle or becoming a being made of water. You can still be hurt by energy, but can also keep your physical integrity at will, allowing for punches, stealing, and object manipulation - following your normal stats.

This is just your body. Your normal clothes would be left in a pile. This could be paired with several Super Attacks if you desire extra damage. Just a thought. In order to turn Liquid on the fly - and in combat - you'd need to roll doubled Willpower roll versus the attack roll ( if you wanted to liquify to dodge, and had a 5 Willpower, you'd roll +10 against whatever the attack is, suffering penalties depending on the weapon as if you're solid). If you succeed, you have dodged the attack by turning to a liquid in time.

Examples: Hydro-Man, Mercury

Cost: 15

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