Magnetic Manipulation

This is the mental ability to manipulate and control the magnetic metals with one’s mind. Cobalt, Nickel, and Iron. So you could move steel swords, but not bullets - unless they contain iron, cobalt, or nickel. Some armor-piercing ones do contain steel, so it's up to GM discretion. The psychic Willpower + Magnetic Manipulation.

Like Psychokinesis, you can make a parry style maneuver by rolling a Willpower/MM roll to defend. If you win, you've stopped the metallic object and take no damage.

Tossing an object at someone requires a Willpower/MM roll. The damage from such an attack is the roll's Success Levels x 5, and is modified by the type of damage - a metal baseball bat would do bash, and so would a pipe, but a dagger would be slash, and so would a spork.

Examples: Magneto, Polaris

Cost: 2/level

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