A character is considered Marked if his or her body hosts a permanent and distinguishing design that may be difficult to conceal. Or if they suffer from a mutation or had an accident that would leave them to forever stand out.

The design may be a family symbol you cannot remove, an identifying birthmark, a permanent scar, fur, unique skin or unforgettable hair (and not just like Tom Brady's).

If the mark is not considered out of the ordinary (such as something you could call freckles, a funny birthmark, or a common tattoo), this Drawback does not apply.

Characters who are obviously non-human (robotic, demonic, alien, etc.) in a setting where most people are human (or vice versa) would also have the Marked Drawback. A roll to determine a person's identity would be aided by the Marked drawback.

1 The mark is easily concealable because it is small or in an inconspicuous location, though is still memorable. You would not be easily forgotten.
2 The mark can be concealed, but it is difficult because it is large or in an obvious location.
3 Under most circumstances (anything but holograms or complete body suits), the mark cannot be concealed because it affects the character's entire body.

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