Martial Artist

As a Martial Artist, you don't just get magically great at a few kicks and punches - you have dedicated time and effort to becoming a true practitioner of self-defense. You should probably work on being self-disciplined as well. Your character will have had to have been in quite a few scuffles - or studied formally and mastered at least one martial art - to gain this.

Additionally, your Strength score in unarmed combat is treated as one point higher (with 3 STR and this package a punch (or any unarmed maneuver) does 8 LP damage not 6).

+1 to two physical Attributes. Cannot raise them above 6.
+1 to Willpower.
+2 to Kung Fu or Get Med. At least one level of the skill must be bought independently.
STR boost in unarmed combat.

Cost: 5

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