Matter Mimicry Objects

These are the abilities a Matter Mimicker would absorb and utilise. It takes a full action to absorb matter. You may mimic continually - without limits. Still takes your turn to shift again, though. As with other powers of mimicry, these are interchangeable with similar materials/elements. If you have suggestions, hit up the forums.

You must touch the object to become it. Maybe you should start carrying around more steel.


Completely durable and quite strong, concrete lets you become a tank of a man. But not an actual tank.

Natural Armour 10


Crystals are useful. Kind of. And they clarify all.

+2 Intelligence
+2 Perception
+2 Willpower


Glass is great for looking in on things.

+2 Perception
X-Ray Vision


Incredibly long lasting, but not necessarily the strongest substance after the 18th century.

+10 Increased Life Points (Add 100 temporary Life Points)


Elastic and pliable, rubber lets the mimicker become inhumanly flexible and faster than normal.

Prehensile Parts Level 1 (The character can stretch up to 2x their normal range)
+2 Dexterity
+2 Constitution


Both durable and strong, Steel gives the best bonuses for tanks and bruisers.

+3 Strength
+3 Constitution


Being organic and quite durable, wood is one of the best things when you're in need of a heal. It is the only organic material one can absorb.

Regeneration Level 3

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