A Mavin is not just skilled, they're gifted. They're more than capable of taking on most of life's little quirks, and can even be famous for their exploits. Of course, the good ones aren't. Mavin's have that knack for learning things - usually a few things - above and beyond anyone else, and they never stop getting better. Unfortunately (or perhaps luckily), they, like the Pro, have no powers to call their own.

Sure, they can compensate, but they still don't have that super cool ability to shoot lasers from their penis (or whatever). While a Pro is just an above-average citizen out to help the masses, a Mavin usually stands for something, be it good or bad, and will almost always be from uncanny circumstances.

A Mavin would not be someone you'd meet on the street at their leisure - they are usually in control of themselves and their immediate surroundings. They may utilize unorthodox methods, and may even seem superhuman, but they most assuredly are not. They are the best there is at what they do (except for, you know, stuff that involves laser-penises).

Examples in Pop-Culture: [Green] Arrow, Bullseye, Sherlock Holmes, or - you know, here I would list a female character who kicks ass without powers, but there are so few of them it may just be more socially poignant to leave that blank.

Attribute Points: 20
Skill Points: 30
Quality Points: 15
Possible Drawback Points: 10
Powers Points: 0
Starting Drama Points: 10
Drama Point Limit: 15

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