Memory Manipulation

It's easy to think that memories make a person - and if so, then Memory Manipulation would be the perfect way to make, remake, or destroy someone. You know that asshole down the street who's blackmailing you because you were a douche to him a couple of months ago? You can be friends! Just tweak his memory a little. The only problem with this power is this: it never takes. Ever. It's always temporary - the only difference in power is exactly how long it lasts. A Memory Manipulator screws with minds by rolling opposing doubled willpower rolls with his victim. If the manipulator wins - he can change memories as long as he knows what the specific memory is and may add whatever memory he wants. Of course, if a conflicting memory exist it may alert the victim to the strangeness of it all. Tweaking in a combat round takes a full turn and follows all the normal rules.

Examples: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Professor Xavier

5 (For tweaks that last 5 minutes)
10 (For tweaks that last 5 hours)
15 (For tweaks that last a week)
25 (For tweaks that last a month)

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