Mental Problems

Your head is messed up, seriously. And not from that baseball you got hit with, either. You've definitely got enough shit to be in a soap opera. Mental problems come in the following forms. All mental problems can be taken up to 3 levels. At a mild level, it can be controlled. Severe issues are harder to reign in, and Aggressive mental problems affect daily life in the extreme.

COWARDICE Apply the level as a penalty to Fear Checks.
CRUELTY The character likes to inflict pain and suffering on others.
DECEIT The character is a compulsive liar and needs to make a doubled Willpower roll with a penalty equal to the level of the Drawback to tell the truth.
DELUSIONS The character believes something that isn't true, or hallucinates. Also covers general bigotry.
NARCISSISM The character is overly conceited.
OBSESSION The character is fixated on a particular person or activity.
PARANOIA Convinced someone is out to get you.
PHOBIA When confronted by the topic of the phobia, roll a Fear Check with a penalty equal to the level of the Drawback.
RECKLESSNESS Jumps into danger boldly, bravely, stupidly.
VIOLENCE When faced with a confrontational situation, must make a doubled Willpower check with a penalty equal to the level of the Drawback.
ZEALOT Character holds some belief so strongly that it dominates their life.

Value: 1/level

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