Owned By: MetroCorp
Est.: 1908
Location: Port Vaughn

MetroBank is a large, local bank operating exclusively in Lotus City. It is well known for its private security firm, MetroSecure, which hires vigilantes and metahumans to police the city blocks around it. This is currently a legal grey-area.


MetroBank is famous in Lotus City for its security, and the long-standing challenge to any and all metas and supervillains to try to break into their vaults - it has yet to be done, and as a marketing ploy and testament to the security dating over a hundred years back, the first people to successfully break into MetroBank will be able to keep the score. Theoretically, no formal charges will be pressed by the city, as age-old laws kept in place designed by a legislature with too much time on their hands has it ironclad - the first break in at MetroBank keeps what they steal.

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