Mind Control

When manipulating memories just isn't enough, you might want to try total domination of another mind. You can control as many people as your Willpower Attribute score, but for all more than one you suffer a -1 cumulative penalty (if you try to control six mooks, and have a seven Willpower score you will get a minus six to rolls to control, them - it's a taxing ability), and a successful control only lasts as long as you submit their will.

Opposing will power rolls occur every turn in combat, with a cumulative minus one every round to your Control roll, and the length is at PGM discretion outside of mind-controlling combat. Obviously Iron Mind is the bane of this power.

Examples: The Shadow

Level 1
The mind controller and victim make opposing Willpower (doubled) rolls. If the controller wins (and gets any success levels) the target cannot act for one turn and loses all defensive actions. As with all levels, in combat, the victim gains a +1 to resist each cumulative round.
Cost: 5

Level 2
Like Mastermind against Jean Grey, you can make the victim see what is not real. The victim might see you as a loved one or might have trouble noticing you’re there at all. To use the power, you make opposed Willpower (doubled) rolls with your victim. In addition, you get a +1 bonus to use the level 1 power.
Cost: 10

Level 3
This is total domination and the subject must do whatever you say. Each time you give a command you and the target make opposed Willpower (doubled) rolls. The target gets a +2 bonus if the command goes against a moral code (Honorable) and a +4 against basic self-preservation instincts. The victim also gains a +1 to resist a long-term action each consecutive day, until the task is complete or they beat the roll.
Cost: 20

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