Nerves Of Nerve Clusters

Some people are so tough they spell 'tough' without the o and with two f's. For the rest of us - there is nothing. And for those of us who are really, truly, biologically scared when things go south - there is this drawback. Nerves of Nerve Clusters doesn't mean you are afraid and your fight or flight response is wonky - it means, listening to millions of years of evolutionary wisdom, you flee. Or freeze up.

The character must make a Fear Test Check when faced with anything that might unsettle or scare them - gore, a sneak-attack, a paricularly scary haunted house movie, whatever freaks you out. If they are faced with something obviously superhuman then that Fear Test Check suffers a -4 to the roll. Furthermore a character with this Drawback never becomes used to a scare, no matter how many times they encounter a Supervillain or fall off a ladder.

Value: 2

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