NPCs Of Note

When it comes down to it, Masked, like any other MU*, is all about the characters and their stories. So why the need for Non-Player Characters that are noteworthy? Well, they're around to help push things along and to advance the setting - but ultimately, whatever they do, whoever they are, the Player Characters are the ones who are going to change the world in a big way. The NPCs are just here to let them know that if you decide to stand by and do nothing, something does happen.

Superhero Unit for the Protection of Earth

Alias Name Age Casting
The Staff George St. George 41 Andre Royo
The Arrow Eden Golan 32 Meital Dohan
The Swan David Davereaux 45 James Purefoy
The Flame Aya Okello 38 Nina Sosanya
The Pearl Ashvin Ashok 31 Maulik Pancholy
The Orchid Devon Ferrero 36 Giada de Laurentiis
The Hydra Yekaterina Kalashnikov 30 Artemis Pebdani
The Looking Glass Leonie Koch 33 Julia Jentsch
The Tempest Sofia Hernandez 34 Valerie Cruz
The Lamp Post Zhang Hui-Li 35 Steph Song

Lotus City Groups

The Petes

Stealth Pete Petra Rhodes 34 Bianca Rinaldi
Health Pete Peter McMasters 28 Peter Crouch
Strong Pete Pete Lawson 30 Travis Fimmel
Long Pete Pedro Walker 28 Martin Starr
Age Pete P. Fret 79 Lorne Michaels
Stage Pete P. Gomez 32 Nikki Reed

Synergistic Dynamic Solutions

- William Albernathy 100 -
- Duck Stacy 32 Vincent Kartheiser
Suze Lilly Suzuki 37 -
- Yvette Vargas 100 -
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