Technically all American citizens above the age of eighteen have the obligation to vote and serve on jury duty but we're talking real obligation here. You owe loyalty to an organization or cause or person and that can cause some discomfort, pain, or death. Obligation comes in three levels.

You are expected risk your life for cause. This is the sort of obligation most beat cops and EMTs have. Or minor Supes who will not stand down. No matter what.
Value: 1

The welfare of the group is more important than your own. You're always on call and your personal life takes second place. This is the sort of obligation that soldiers, doctors, and professional firefighters have. A clearly dedicated Supe may have this, but they would be hard pressed to hold another job.
Value: 2

Every day you could die for the cause. It always comes first. Always. This is the level of obligation that soldiers in wartime, CIA operatives, and the most famous Supes have.
Value: 3

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