“…it is possible to accomplish almost anything. Possible for an 'ordinary person.' There's a notion I'd like to see buried: the ordinary person. Ridiculous. There is no ordinary person.”
- Adrian Veidt

Demigods, freaks, metas - call them whatever you like. He's right. Men and women have been accomplishing great things for years, with or without powers. But ordinary people can only do so much - and that's where we come in. Whether the powers that be admit it or not, people who are not at all ordinary exist - people who are beyond the fabled reasonably prudent person and well into myth. Living gods - or those with potential to become them.

People gain powers every day, be it through genetics, lab experiments gone leftways or scientific marvels millennia ahead of the shit Hollywood can steal the rights to. Superheroes and supervillains walk among us. Since the first cities by the first men were built - when old Egyptians planted new wheat - there have been protectors and predators in the dark.

The first superheroes were not glamorous (anthropological evidence suggests most did not even have superpowers). But they were effective. No flash and all substance. And these days, that's exactly the kind of thing the world needs. Less flash, and a lot of effecting change.

For ages - those who walked the lines of heroics and obsession were hidden. Their stories were just that: fiction. Until now. Until today.

With the passing of key Congressional acts in the United States and a United Nations-backed legislation form touting transparency, the voices of the past are finally heard. Masked heroes and villains are more than pulp icons.

And the world loves them. From the world-renown elusive Swan and the walking talking dream in the insatiably attractive Arrow, right up to Lotus City's homegrown hero: Beastenders - people love heroes.

Over the past twenty years, superheroes stopped being silent. While most kept to a code of conduct long left unspoken, a charismatic few stepped into the limelight and influenced the world in a way Kanye, Limbaugh, and Colbert couldn't hope to match.

In the beginnings of the twenty first century, heroes are outed, for better or worse. Welcome to Lotus City. Welcome To Masked.

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