Conflict is at the heart of every drama, and with that, in many cases, comes physical conflict.

I mean, how do you expect to have a Super-Hero game without having Super-Heroes trying to save the world from Super-Villains bent on terrorizing it? Of course, the staff will be running plots and things that should have you kicking criminal ass (or cop ass, as your preference may be) but in the end, it's the players that drive a game.

So we have Player Game Managers. People with a solid grasp of the game system who are approved to run Player Run Plots - so that even when we stuff are too busy being lazy to run shit or are decidedly unimaginative, you have someone to entertain you: you! It's better than masturbation!

What constitutes a need for a PGM, though? Are you going to need to roll some dice in the scene? If so, you probably need a PGM.

Stick around for around three months as a player, and run a plot as a test of your PGM skills after that by throwing Staff an e-mail/@mail. It's not that hard. If some of our PGMs can get to where they are, you can too.

Send the staff an e-mail entitled 'PGM Approval' if you're interested and we'll contact you ASAP.

If we're not busy pleasuring ourselves.

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