Pheromone Manipulation

This character has the ability to make other characters feel specific emotions through manipulating their pheromones. You can directly control emotions and where they are directed.

This is not complete Mind Control, but strong biological persuasion to feel a certain way. These are simply role-played, so be a team player. This goes both ways.

The PGM/Staff overseeing the session will simply tell the person the controller is affecting what they suddenly feel.

Examples: Wallflower

Level 1
The pheromone manipulator makes a Willpower (doubled) roll, while the victim makes a Willpower/Constitution roll. If the controller wins the target feels whatever base emotion the manipulator wants - only anger, fear, or apathy - for a turn. This is your basic fight or flight. You cannot control much else - these mean, respectively, that you can incite anger and prompt the target to attack someone/something they already were (but direct them away from you) though they cannot attack allies, make the player go for a Fear check with a minus in the amount of Success Levels your initial Pheromone Manipulation roll had, and finally, make them so lazy and lame they don't attack anyone - they still defend regularly, though. More importantly, they truly feel that they naturally and entirely are angry, afraid, or apathetic - and other players cannot know, through simple deduction, that the feelings were caused by another - unless they have Power Sensing.
Cost: 5

Level 2
You can get into deeper emotions - hatred, envy, and vigilance - as well as the first three. So you can turn teams against one another and incite attacks in their ranks, you could make players desperately want everything another player has (and make them pilfer those little things like Gadgets for you), and finally you can even incite, with a successful roll, someone to protect and aid you. In addition, you get a +1 bonus to use the level 1 power. They work the same way, for the most part.
Cost: 10

Level 3
You can make the victim become mischievous (directly removing them from the fight and letting them just wander off in a flight of fancy), feel desire for another, and incite intense curiosity (meaning the loser has to explore whatever it is you directed them toward); in addition to the previous. You get a +2 to Level 1 rolls in this power, and a +1 to Level 2 rolls, now. You can't fake love, though. Maybe it's just a myth…
Cost: 15

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