Photon Manipulation

You can control the particles that make the area lighter or darker. With a single success level in a Willpower roll, you can make a room light up or the darkness come in a single action. You can control the area it happens in finely, so you could simply screw over your enemies, though it won't give them minuses without White Noise. If you use it to brighten up the place, you lose all penalties associated with darkness/night and how you vision is affected. With more than a few, you could light up a few hundred feet. With six or seven Success levels, you can light the whole block. The effects would be instantaneous, but never harsh enough to harm or impede human senses. For that, pair it with White Noise. For a blast of Photons to harm a foe, try Super Attack.

At the second level, you additionally gain the ability to make non-corporeal illusions, though since they have no sound with just this, they aren't that great. Maybe try Sonic Manipulation, too.

Cost: 2 or 5

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