Physical Disability

There's a serious problem with your physical functioning, be it from birth defects, accident, or disease.

Just what it says. You can't see. Period. You need a Perception + Notice check just to find someone in combat and even then you take a -5 to all attack and defense rolls. No you cannot stack this with Echolocation - your character can certainly be blind and and have that Power, but this Drawback can't be used if you purchase it - because you can effectively "see" using whatever means your power goes through.
Value: 8

Missing/Crippled Arm/Hand
Either your hand is gone or you can't use the hand to grab things. Any task requiring two hands is either at a -3 penalty or impossible.
1 (if a common (not superhuman) prosthetic can help)
2 (with no prosthetic)

Missing/Crippled Leg/Foot
You can't walk or run normally. With a cane, you can move at 1/3rd normal speed. Up close combat is done at a -2 penalty to all rolls. With an artificial leg you can move at half speed and only take a -1 penalty to close combat rolls.
2 (with a regular artificial leg or foot)
3 (without an artificial leg or foot)

Missing/Crippled Arms
Neither arm works or they are both missing. Your character can't use tools, though some tasks might be performed with the feet after years of practice. This is the suck.
Value: 4

Missing/Crippled Legs
Without a wheelchair, you can't do more than drag or roll yourself along on the ground or pull yourself along a railing or similar object.
Value: 4

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