Play And Go

New to MUXing? Not sure if you want to play this game? That's where this comes in. We've begun implementing Play and Go characters - pre-made surrogates to use as a stepping-in point for your character. If you'd like, you may play as these characters, and either abandon them (hopefully making a new character of your own) or keep them as your own. They all come with a very basic pre-set background and theme - but they'll basically be yours to mold thereafter.

If you wanna try us out but don't wanna go through creating a character, this is how.

We aren't saying they're lasting, or that they'll be perfect (they aren't, and we're trying to lure you in) but they are a good chance to get a feel of the game. So enjoy!

You might recognize the archetypes.


Alias Name Age Casting
- Willa Lee 531 Mercedes McNab
Sudden Impact Will Wadeson 27 Steve Talley
Bronze Age Randy Dann 27 Casey Affleck
Come Again Janice Myers 27 Mary-Kate Olsen
Raptor Katrina Alfil 25 Jennifer Nichols
Nate Decimate Tim Zigler 39 Guy Pearce
Reckless Itsuki Satou 38 Megumi Fujii


Alias Name Age Casting
Arachnophobia Parker Al-Peters 23 Nancy Ajram
Gaijin Jane Hoosier 24 Mika Hijii
Jotuun Maxine Hammer 22 Tiffany Thornton
Native America Jacob Reads-A-Book 34 Chaske Spencer
The Red James Trigger 38 Jonathan M. Woodward
Eagle Eye Clarence Bartholomew 25 Ben Schwartz
Metallic Man Dennis Coles 28 Dwyane Wade
Envy Luce Banner 34 Gina Carano


Alias Name Age Casting
Magna-Man Charles Knightsbridge 21 Josh Hutcherson
Dark Night Bryce Willis 23 Salim Kechiouche
Kid Amazonia Hera C. Fakename 21 Jessica Clark
Flower Power Joanna Stuart 21 Sarah Barrable-Tishauer
Minute Man Stacy McQueen 18 Devin Crittenden
Ares Acquiescent Jon Carter 22 Tristan Wilds
Not a Plane Shana Mystery 19 Rachel Hurd-Wood
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