If you're applying for a character, then do read our policies. It's not that long.


Our policy concerning Alternate Characters, or having more than one character, is fairly simple. You may have one second tier character and one first tier character or three first tiers. One of those has to be a Lotus City native. Try to keep them away from each other. Suffice to say, direct contact is not allowed.

Building Construction

Try this.


Yeah, we're sorry folks - because we know this tends to have strong reactions one way or another. The fact is, we will be implementing census slots for the more popular powers, packages, or qualities once our character population hits around forty. Don't worry though - lots of powers (Like Superhuman Attributes, for example) will probably never find their way to the census. More than likely: you won't have to worry. Your choice is probably available.


Uh. Yeah. Be nice-ish. Okay, you can be a jackass - until someone stops being cool with it and lets you know a few times. Then you may want to cease and desist, or we'll tell you to. This extends to us (staff) overtly offending you. Not that we will.


Consent, non-consent? What the fuck is Masked? Who knows? We do. Another MU* has described something close to what we're going for as 'modified consent'. That sort of works and all in all, it's more non-consent than consent-based - meaning you cannot tell other player's how to do things, how to react, or what their character should feel. Don't be a dick. We do employ a conflict resolution system in the form of dice. If you weren't aware, it's the Cinematic Unisystem. So we'll throw in an age old caveat: In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. As for player death and such? Check out Death.

It's cool for your characters to constantly be at each other's throats if you're a supervillain and superhero - it's expected, even, most of the time. However, you shouldn't be going at it OOC. Ever. Talk to teach other. Be polite. In short: don't be an idiot. You should be fine.


Tell us. Through our e-mail, @mail, or a page. We'll do our best to help sort it out, or tell you it's nothing if it's nothing. If you elect to 'file a formal grievance' we'll post it on the forums and explain our decision there.

Harassment/Being a Bitch

Cyber-harassment may be laughable, but we still don't tolerate it. At all. Mostly because we don't tolerate anything in large quantities. Harassing someone who's told you to stop doing whatever it is you're doing is probably a bad idea.


Try not to be too idle. What's too idle? Well, that depends on several factors - like Character Type and how much your character seems to have involved her/himself within the MU* community. We'll probably start to look at you if you have a second tier character and haven't logged in for over a month without excuse, unless you declare yourself on vacation or something like that.

Logging, of course, is your friend. Log. Everything.


We won't be anywhere you are without you seeing us. We're not voyeurs - unlike some staff. Oh, and public areas = public scenes. Private areas = private scenes.

Proxy RP

Using one character to emit another in any scene. Please don't do it. It confuses the wooorld!


Our OOC Area is PG-13 most of the time. Please do try and keep it that way - particularly if we have guests or new players. So most of the time, one hopes. Of course, our wiki is full of expletives and innuendo, so good luck with that. The In-Character World is rated R, bordering on NC-17 for violence, explicit language, and plot. Still, include each scene's Rating in your logs just in case someone may be offended. As with everything, ICA=ICC.

Staff Characters

We don't intend to have the most influential characters on the game because, well, that'd be boring. Accordingly, we're just around to amuse, and our characters don't gain XP or anything like that.


Yes, Masked does have a forward-moving plot, one created and run by staff. It isn't too rigid - we care more about the player's driving story than achieving our own - and as such, we are always hoping you, the players, will be coming up with small asides, different lore, and even throwaway NPCs. We're relying on it, in fact. While the plot will be apparent in episodes, the game is, in the end, driven by players. So don't be afraid to do something spectacular. If it goes too far, we won't punish you - maybe just retcon it.

Web Sharing

We hope you learned to share as a kid, because if you didn't then learning now is going to be a little tricky. We strongly encourage you to post logs of all your roleplay on the forums, and you may notice that there are little incentives everywhere for doing just that. Like XP, DP, and all that. Also, that stuff is good for cheap reading material when we don't feel like going to the used book store.

So expect to share stuff. Even if you, or someone else, says not to.

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