A Power is, you guessed it, powerful. Yeah, the names suck. Sorry. Anyways: they rely nearly solely on a superhuman ability - not that it really matters, because they have more than enough of it to spare. Powers are the literal domination's of wherever they are (assuming no one of any real skill or ability is there to stand up to them).

They're the guy you'd see throwing a bus or catching a building, not the one who'd teach you physics one day and save your ass with a localized mental avalanche the next. Power's will always have something to fight for - a kind of personal moral code that, despite being bad or good, drives them to change the world.

Like a Mavin or a Virtuoso, a Power needs to save the world. Or destroy your face. Either way: they're above and beyond the normal, even if they're just as good at the day-to-days as anyone else.

Examples in Pop-Culture: Superman, Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, The Absorbing-Man, or a Green Lantern Corpsman.

Attribute Points: 20
Skill Points: 15
Quality Points: 5
Possible Drawback Points: 10
Powers Points: 25
Starting Drama Points: 10
Drama Point Limit: 15

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