Power Mimicry

Having powers unique to you is cool. Copying someone's powers is awesome. Not only do you get to dish back that douchebag super-villain's own medicine at him, but you get to have some variety and that's always good. Spice of life, remember? As long as you've seen the power being used or have knowledge of it, you can copy their powers when you see them in person (a good guideline would be to allow someone to mimic another up to about 10 x PER meters away).

You must pass a simple Perception/Notice check, then a doubled willpower check, and if you you do, you gain all Powers of your opponent for a number of rounds equal to your success levels.

If the person has something like Increased Life Points or Superhuman Attributes, you can gain the bonuses, but this may still leave you with different attributes. Say John is mimicking Sarah. If John has a base STR attribute score of 3, and Sarah has a base STR attribute of 5 as well as five points spent to make her total STR score an 8, then John only boosts his own STR to a 6, mimicking not the 8 STR score but the Power of enhanced STR +3.

If you wanted to look like the guy, you'd probably want to pair this with Shape Shifting. A suggested Limited Use would be the need to touch the target in order to mimic their powers.

Of course, you can only mimic one person at a time, and have to take a full round action to switch and mimic another person.

Examples: Copycat, Mimic

Cost: 20

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