A pro does not necessarily mean you're great at anything - or even that you're a great person - it just means you, like any good Homo sapiens, utilize skills you've worked hard on and developed meticulously during years of specialized training rather than gifts you were born with.

Pro's are kind of like the non-powered, well-versed sidekicks; only in Masked, nothing is stopping them from shooting you right in the face… or stabbing you in the back. This is generally a step above your normal next-door-neighbor, but maybe not a Covert-Ops agent.

Examples in Pop-Culture: Depowered Mutants like Rictor in X-Factor, Xander Harris in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Condiment King.

Attribute Points: 15
Skill Points: 25
Quality Points: 10
Possible Drawback Points: 10
Powers Points: 0
Starting Drama Points: 10

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