Probability Manipulation

You can't necessarily control the way of things, just help stack one side. You could help that bullet fly a little high or that truck miss you, all because you have a hell of a lot of good luck - a superhuman amount.

This works just like Good Luck only on a grander scale, and you can also affect other people's rolls negatively to help you or someone else out of a pickle. Or to be a dick.

Since it is just intense good luck, you may think about buying a bit as a Quality. This does stack with Good Luck, but any one with this ability cannot take Bad Luck. Additionally, when you have at least one level of this power, all the Good Luck points you buy at CharGen count as double.

So if Jason spent 20 Powers points on this ability, then 2 Quality Points in Good Luck, he would start every scene with a pool of 14 points (10 from the twenty Powers points, and 4 more since he had two points in Good Luck as a Quality - doubled due to Jason's purchase of Good Luck at CharGen) to spend however he chooses. Pretty sweet, right? You can add points before or after a roll. For any one, even NPCs.

Examples: Longshot

Cost: 2/Level

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