Self Detonation

This could bring a whole new kind of terrorist to the fore. A superpowered human bomb doesn't need to commit suicide. You can just blow up in some poor unwitting bastard's face. I guess this brings new meaning to…well - imagine all the puns. It takes one offensive combat action to activate and (10 minus your Success Levels) rounds of a doubled Willpower roll to reform. So if Dan makes a Willpower/Willpower roll with a Success Level of 4, it would take him 6 combat rounds to reform. And all y'all bitches are toast.

Examples: Nitro, Jihad

5 (Does 20 base fire damage, 5 yard range)
10 (Does 35 base fire damage, 10 yard range)
20 (Does 60 base fire damage, 15 yard range)
30 (Does 90 base fire damage, 25 yard range)

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