Size Shifting

Bigger, taller, smaller, shorter. If you want to become a giant or a hobbit, this is basically your thing. Naturally, getting taller and bigger makes you stronger and hardier while getting smaller and shorter makes you weaker, but is neat for sneaking where you're not wanted. And…please don't look up skirts, unless you want to get a restraining order. Every level of Size Shifting allows you to grow or shrink by 5 feet, and you either gain or lose 2 points in Constitution and Strength (It never goes below 1, or above 16). The Size Shifter may control his height to within an inch. You may not get any smaller than ten inches.

As you grow larger you will suffer a penalty to combat dodges and to conspicuousness checks (stealth or hide checks), as you are a large target. This mechanic subtracts one from your dodge per STR and CON shift (you would lose two points for your dodge if you grew ten feet in height).

Examples: Giganta, The Atom

Cost: 4/level

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