Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez
Portrayed By: Valerie Cruz
Status: Alive
Age: 34
Occupation: Coffee Shop Owner
Theme Song: Kiss With a Fist by Florence + the Machine
Alias: The Tempest, formerly La Huracán
Powers: Wind Manipulation

Sofia Hernandez is better known as The Tempest, and is the Venezuelan SUPE. She is incredibly hot headed and whimsical, and very unpredictable. She runs Storm Grounds, the most popular non-chain coffee shop in Lotus City. She commutes to work.


Sofia Hernandez is not the nicest person you could meet. Sometimes. Catch her at the right time and you couldn't ask for a more interesting, likeable woman. But catch her at a bad time and you're just about guaranteed a good old fashion nightmare.

Born to a Cuban father and a Venezuelan mother, Sofia grew up in an inexplicably ideal environment. Her father was a day-worker, and mainly stayed at home to take care of her and her sixteen brothers and sisters, all of whom were named for famous saints and martyrs. Sofia, being the eldest by almost over ten years, was consistently charged with being the older sibling, though most of the time she would probably prefer to be the youngest.

Sofia never did well in school, being dyslexic and never truly developing her skills in a way she should have. She did learn English in addition to her native Spanish, though, and even managed to trudge her way through school.

Due to her numerous siblings and the fact that her mother was always between countries with her job as an accountant for an international firm based in Africa, Sofia never matured past adolescence. To this day, she is stuck, somewhere in between wanting a "normal" life and wanting something huge to happen to her (apparently getting superpowers when she was twelve didn't qualify as life-altering). She worked as a coffee bean taste tester during secondary school, and would continue to work in that business for years to come.

When she was eighteen and had just finished school, she was accepted as a resident of the United States, and went there on a student visa. She never had more fun. Learning quickly that college boys loved an exotic woman, she rode through them like a hurricane, and fittingly, as that would later become her alter-ego.

Fighting crime while studying art history at Florida State University, she would eventually learn being a hero still wasn't enough to satisfy her need to become something great. So she started working with other heroes, and eventually, became quite legendary among them as one of the most successful, and the most powerful. After a few more years, Sofia finally finished college (in just five years!) with a degree in Art History. Unfortunately, that's just about the worst degree to have in a state with so few art museums, so she moved on to New York. By this time, Sofia had obtained dual-citizenship, and was able to freely commute to work in New York from her home in Venezuela. The fly only took about two hours, after all.

In 2006, after several years of running a highly successful small business of coffee shops in New York called Beans and Franks (it was owned by two men named Frank), she was approached by the Venezuelan government during her time as La Huracán to represent their fair nation in the newly forming S.U.P.E.s. She accepted, and after receiving the first few royalty cheques from her government, promptly said goodbye to the Franks and hello to being her own boss. Luckily, she snagged a few employees when she left, including one man, Eric, who knew how to balance the books and run the financial parts of the business while Sofia handled the drinks and the customers.

Now, Sofia does what she wants when she wants. And occasionally saves the world.


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Masked Persona

An athletic red and white mottled top of fitted leather adorns her upper body. A small Under Armour logo is visible on the left side of her chest. The octagonal Tempest logo is present on the right side of her chest and in a much larger octagon on her back in black. High impact fitted red pants continue the swirling vortexes of psychedelic color and complete the suit. A red and white cowl covers her face and keeps her arms ominous in the wind that often accompanies her.


  • Resources 10
  • Situation Awareness (2)
  • Fast Reaction Time (2)
  • Hard To Kill (5)


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