State Licensing

While Superhuman Registration comes under the purview of the Federal Office for Metahuman Affairs, the licenses that the Masked Act outline are conducted by state governments. The state (the list of registered superhumans are kept strictly confidential between the OMA and the registrees) never knows their secret identities, and super-heroes are required to take a qualifying test in all states except South Dakota.

Class I
Involves a basic safety test conducted by law enforcement personnel, with a $45 fee, along with a month-long course on defusing threats. Authorizes the super-hero to wear a mask in public areas. Does not authorize excessive force unless danger to a bystander is imminent. What exactly this means is a question the Supreme Court refuses to clarify, giving extreme authority to heroes acting in defense of citizens.

Class II
Requires would-be super-heroes to take a six month long First Responder course and an extensive background check. Authorizes non-lethal force. State approved courses typically cost $450 or more. Non-lethal force is the cutoff, but in defense of others, many heroes have crossed that line. Though they may face civil penalties, only one government has prosecuted a hero on American soil, in the landmark case Emerald County vs. Compain, which ended in most of the county prosecutor's facing death threats and a governor's pardon for the remorseful former-do-gooder.

Class III
Federal license that authorizes deadly force. These are super-heroes under the employ of the government, and are typically ex-law enforcement personnel. There are only a handful of super-heroes with this license, and it's very existence is abhorrent to both political sides, some who see it as a death penalty, others as playing god.

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