You can become a completely gaseous state of matter. Maybe you turn into water vapor, maybe nitrogen. It doesn't really matter, you just need a reason and the ability to become a gas. No harmful or radioactive gasses, though. For that, pair this with Super Attack or more likely Disintegration (yes we know radiation does not disintegrate you - its just the same for game mechanics sake).

You are literally turning yourself into a cloud of gas, though you can slightly solidify yourself to attack. You cannot become an invisible gas. You can still be hurt by energy, but can also keep your physical integrity at will, allowing for punches, stealing, and object manipulation - following your normal stats.

This is just your body. Your normal clothes would be left in a pile. Just a thought. In order to turn into a Gas on the fly - and in combat - you'd need to roll doubled Willpower roll versus the attack roll. If you succeed, you have dodged the attack by turning to your alternate form in time.

Also, you can fly without having to purchase the Power additionally in your gas form. At double your movement speed.

Examples: Johann Kraus, Mist

Cost: 18

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