No, you aren't a warlock… you can use a specific being or set of beings, entirely subservient to your will, to do your bidding.

This is a bit like Minions but its more of a monster you summon/create - or a robot, or Transformers that come out of your chest, or a super-powerful horde of genetic clones and corpses, or whatever, and they are specifically created to be powerful minions entirely under your control. This means that while you are still susceptible to Mind Control or pressure your summoned/created beings are not. Ever. They can be destroyed, but you can always just summon more - you are limited to an amount of Summoned beings/creatures equal to your Constitution score per scene - and can summon all or any of them instantly in a turn - they join at the bottom of the initiative round.

You, yourself, are not given the power, but something or someone you control is - meaning you are quite vulnerable, if you have no defenses.

These here are your guidelines - you use vague game mechanics to reference and purchase their sophistication level at CharGen. We will give you the final stats and you will be able to use them as Flunkies, essentially.

Cost: 6/Level of Summoned Being

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