Supe Files

Files. Databases. Ancient books. Despite everything word of mouth and painstaking surveillance can get you, there's nothing like getting your hands on information compiled by (hopefully credible) investigators, reporters and others who asked the same questions before you did. The information just might help you out. Know however, that this mostly helps with Superheroes that have been around the block and Supe history. For fresh Supes, you'll probably have to rely on good old legwork. In addition, Having this quality will decrease the amount of time it takes to find a secret identity or the masterminds hidden plans, and the time it takes to research older, more obscure things involving heroes and villains. It would normally take a month to research a hero or villain, but with any level of Supe Files, you're month is reduced by the number of days in a week per level (if you had a Supe Files 2, each week would have two days taken off of it, reducing 30 days to 20, and so on).

You've got a few newspaper clippings and maybe a photocopied report or two. Not much, all in all - enough for you to find out a little more than what popular culture tells you. This lowers your usual Intelligence/Survival research penalty of -4 to -2.
Cost: 1

You've got a collection of old articles, and some other documents that the average man wouldn't have - unless he decided to go into the painstaking trouble you did in order to procure this kind of information. There's no penalty or bonus to INT/Survival research.
Cost: 2

You've got more than a few copies of classified documents - maybe access to a private database that someone stole from someone with access. You get a +2 to INT/Survival research. Lookout villains - we will find you.
Cost: 3

You have access to a recently updated database - maybe a few dozen cabinets worth of old files and reports. Letters. Studies. Journals. You could probably figure out much of the truth that surrounds Supe history with this collection, if you knew what you were looking for. You get a +3 to research on the subject.
Cost: 5

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