Super Attack

This is damage.

The catch-all. What you and most everyone else will all take to do damage with some kind of superpower. Any power. If it doesn't specifically have a way to deal damage already on its page, you'll probably want to pair it with this to do any damage. Wanna shoot fireballs? Kinetically charge objects and throw them causing a lame explosion? Lightning? Concussive blasts? Eye beams? Lasers from your penis? Poison mist, ice blasts, pressurized water, ice chunks, blasts of harmful photons, slicing air currents, fatal sound waves, gravitational particles, super sharp plastic, radioactive Gatorade, your own teeth, supersonic Jolly Ranchers, teacups of cosmic significance, your own will power, or sheer beams of awesome? Take this and you can do just about anything and deal some damage.

You can claim this power is most anything, and we'll probably allow it. Just know that it always does nothing but do the set amount of damage (though you can up this with Maneuvers) - so even if you shoot fiery salvos you can't control fire - it's a force of nature and so much bigger than poor little you.

This is just the power that means you can do a large scale attack with a power. This only affects one other player at a time, and is just like firing a gun or kicking, only uses a Perception/Willpower against a dodge for Ranged Super Attack, and a Dexterity/Kung Fu for a Touch Super Attack.

This does not add on to an attack, so you cannot make a fist cut with extra wind touch power. Ranged attacks are purely the element/energy/whatever you can send out. No adding them to bullets or something. It is assumed that by connecting with the attack, whatever means you delivered it with was successful and already "added" to the attack.

This is all doing the same amount of damage, regardless of element. Describe it as you will.

4 (20 points damage)
6 (30 points damage)
9 (40 points damage)
12 (50 points damage)
15 (60 points damage)
20 (75 points damage)

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