Super Breath

Excuse me! Okay, so maybe that was a little more than a burp. Maybe you'd like to blow hot air at someone. Or cold air. Stinky air? Paralyzing pheromones? Whatever you decide to send at someone, it stops them in their tracks. Maybe it's not even air - but something you emit that effectively freezes the victim for a short time. It doesn't even have to come from your mouth. Or your body. They do thaw out well enough, of course. Should they get frozen in the first place. Maybe the toxin wears out, or they only become temporary concrete. The Super Breather rolls a (doubled) Constitution versus the victim's (doubled) Constitution. If the Breather wins, the victim is effectively frozen in place for a number of rounds equal to the success levels of the roll - or until someone attacks them.

Examples: Superman, Iceman, SubZero

Cost: 5

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