Superhuman Travel

Masked calculates movement speed - in miles/hour - as (Dexterity + Constitution x 2; Dexterity + Constitution for yards/round). So if you had a 2 Dexterity and a 3 Constitution, you would have a top speed, and movement speed, of 10 miles/hour, or 5 yards/second, which is 30 yards/round. For short bursts of sprinting (one round/CON score) you can move at double that speed. With Superhuman Travel, you move much faster in the base form as well as when sprinting.

Each level adds 150 yards to your movement speed per turn (per six seconds) - be it while flying or running or traveling as electricity or whatever. This does not mean you have extra actions or can dodge faster, it just lets your character move at faster than human speeds. You should probably get Superhuman Dexterity for that kind of thing. This really has little to do with combat, but if you're on the other side of the street and want to surprise someone, there's nothing better… except maybe Teleportation.

With this power you also gain a bonus to Initiative rolls, and instead of halving your Dexterity you treat it as normal (so an Initiative roll for you is PER + DEX).

Cost: 2/Level

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