You can control computers, or at least make them work for you - if they have no free will (if they aren't cyborgs, robots, or PCs). Kind of. Instantly reading files is still quite tough, but if there is a specific one you want, it only takes about six seconds (one combat round). For the most part, the machine will give you the answer. Just remember Asimov's Second Law

For hacking into someone's computer or controlling some kind of deprogrammed mecha (or for overriding some robotic machines to fight for you/not attack you) you have to roll a double Willpower, and get reasonable Success Levels. For the most part this is up to PGM discretion. Normally to hack a simple computer you'd need 1 Success Level, while hacking the more complicated machines increases accordingly (your nemesis's Suped Vehicle may require 2 to 3 Success Levels, a superadvanced robot NPC would need 3 or 4 Success Levels to hack, while a high-functioning exo-suit (one that has an inboard CPU) would need at least in the vicinity of 4 to 5). Since this game isn't made by Brian K. Vaughn (or is it?) you can only talk with sophisticated machinery. And yes, machines do talk back. You may not control normal guns, and some older car models, but anything with a computer is fair game. CPUs are your bitch.

Examples: Mitchell Hundred, Hank Henshaw

Cost: 15

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