You can reeeeaaad miiiiiinnds. Pretty much that. You know. Reading thoughts. Just ones they're having at that very instant, though. For delving into someone's mind and reading their memories, it costs more. At the first level, it takes a full round to read. At the second, it takes approximately half an hour to soak up all their memories or a minute to find one specific memory. With both levels, the telepath makes a (doubled) willpower roll versus the victim's (doubled) willpower roll. If they win, they get to read the the victim's mind. With either level, of course, you and anyone you'd like can communicate nonverbally so long as you, the telepath, are conscious. This does not mean the victim is ever aware of the intrusion - unless they have the Iron Mind quality, of course.

Examples: Professor Xavier, Miss Martian

Cost: 8 or 15

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