The College
Simon R.R. Erikson College
Established: 2005
Type: Private
Endowment: $2.3 Billion
Faculty: 143
Students: 1,315
Motto: Videri Quam Esse.
Unofficial Motto: Qui duros nequeunt movere lumbos?
Mascot: Sock and Buskin (The Erikson Masks)
Colors: Emerald and Sable

The Simon R.R. Erikson College is a small, newly established secretive educational institution that specializes in potential capes and operates under the guise of an extremely selective, privately funded natural science and liberal arts1college.


Few know of the specifics that led to the foundation of S.U.P.E.s, or who was responsible for the idea in the first place. Those in the know would recognize Simon R.R. Erikson as an otherwise insignificant cape representative who first proposed the idea in 1994 and died mysteriously that same year.

There were several questions posed during the meetings that led up the to the formation of the initiative, especially in regards to the choices that they had for the team in question. The United States government was left disgruntled at its seeming lack of super-hero talent, and a few individuals in the fledgling Office of Metahuman Affairs proposed the foundation of a school that would find and educate young men and women of potential.

Established through several intermediaries and funded by a public-private partnership, Simon R.R. Erikson saw its first graduation in 2009. Still, none of the alumni have become established heroes. T

It's hoped that the next dominant international super-hero squad will be comprised of EC (Erikson College) grads. To that effect, the College has recently established active super-hero squads in Lotus City - the first to be seen in the United States in years.


The Simon R.R. Erikson College is renown for it's exclusivity - it almost universally denies acceptance, and only a select few are allowed in. To the public, it is an extremely beautiful, ferociously green university that seems to only take the eccentric - and seems moreover to graduate them. It's President, Phillip Eskaminzim, manages to ingratiate himself with the Lotian social scene without ever promoting the school he leads.

Focusing heavily on the Liberal Arts but not without a strong Applied Science school and top-ranked Computer and Technology Center, EC (Erikson College) is seen as an up-and-coming University, one funded rather heavily by private investors and with a substantial governmental endowment.


Small and hilly, EC is housed in dozens of small buildings in the urban part of Inner Lotus City's downtown. Dormitories make up a good portion of the several city blocks it owns, and living therein is required for students with a standing below the sophomore level.

As an odd note, EC allows all alma mater, employees, representatives, future students, and those with close ties to live in the dormitories for current students regardless of graduation status. For free. [In game terms - you can live here for free and not have to create a grid space!]

Student Life

On the surface, Erikson College is a quirky, extremely wealthy college for the nations best and brightest who have inexplicably managed to gain an invitation. It has an exceptionally high graduation rate and a deceptively impressive staff of teachers.

But really?

It's a school for exceptional people, with or without powers. Allowing metahumans and baseline humans with exceptional aptitude, The Simon R.R. Erikson College is staffed solely by masterminds, superheroes, and ex-supervillains. It allows for those few in the world with extreme potential to attend their school. Usually on scholarship! Cool, huh?

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