Theme and Plotlines

You're in a planet full of secret (and sometimes outed) heroes and villains, with abilities and skills surpassing normal humans. You take the reigns as the best of the best in one of the most advanced cities in the world - Lotus City, USA.

Modern myth, alternative soap opera, glorified sitcom, and something else entirely…we'll find out what this MUX is about together.

Most recently, the United Nations-backed SUPEs have stopped a global metahuman slavery ring, freeing thousands of exceptional individuals from a life of servitude and hatred. Recently, the SUPEs have begun making appearances around the world, with a few frequenting Lotus City.

The Simon R.R. Erikson College in Lotus City has recently started it's new semester, and those enrolled have heard rumors of a new Physical Fitness and History class - History 2202: Introduction to Battle Tactics and Military History.

Lotus City just passed local legislation to expand an experimental subset of the Cowl Division, backed by tax-payers to protect and prosecute the metahuman criminals in Lotus City. The police department has long been looking for a reason to crack down on supers and take back their town. And prove to a disinterested public they can, in fact, be useful.

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