You can transform similar matter into different elements. As in lead to gold. Or concrete to steel. Water to wine. Gin to a gin and tonic. You cannot change the state of matter, simply things to similar effect. You cannot make poisons or radioactive substances. This does not affect organic or living matter. Should you choose to do damage with these objects, they will be simple weapons (a sword, a knife, a pike, a club) and not gadgets, guns, or complex items (things with complex inner workings, because lets face it, no one is smart enough to make a goddamn grenade instantaneously, not even a metahuman).

Should you choose to use this power to attack using only your surroundings (making a concrete fist trip them, or maybe making a metal cage to hold them), damage and application is up to PGM discretion, but should never be too strong, honestly. Maybe Willpower x 2 damage for a blunt attack, Willpower x 1 for a slicing damage metallic disc you projected from a computer. To hit, roll a double willpower against a dodge. No sneak attacks can be done with this power.

Examples: Edward Elric, Diablo

Cost: 10

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