Van Lente Park
Van Lente Park
Owned By: Public
Est.: 1933
Location: Waid Hill

Van Lente Park was named for Lotus City's first successful environmental activist, and is a well-maintained National Park, often the scene of holiday festivals and neo-pagan revival rituals. These are, of course, non-sanctioned. But considering the chief of Police is a member of the Mackenzie coven, they are never punished.


Built during the Great Depression as part of the WPA, Van Lente Park once represented the domesticated sensitivities of the city's elite. Today's nature lovers merely drive a mile or two out of the city to the breathtaking mountains, forests, bays, and isles that surround the greater Lotus City area. It's often populated with picnickers, dog walkers, love-struck cyclists, pantheistic madwomen, potheads (often picnickers and pagan themselves), tai chi enthusiasts, and students who should be studying.

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