Sure, most little kids want to be Captain America. But there are always those that want to be the Red Skull.

I guess that's you, huh?

If you're interested in playing a villain who:

a) Does his best to avoid actual conflict.
b) Is a first tier character type.

You may ignore the rest and go ahead and apply for your character.

However, if you're the usual kind of arch-villain…

We'd like it if you made an Alt first. You know, so we can get to know you a little better.

After that, you'll need to get PGM status - because let's face it, in a MUX full of superheroes, you're eventually going to go toe to toe with some wannabe Spider-Man who has to react to what you've been doing to his Mary-Jane.

Oh, and any villain is automatically consenting to death, no matter the character tier.

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