Despite the stupid name, Virtuoso's are pretty damn powerful. They have a well-developed ability, but also know that to rely on that simply is not enough. A Virtuoso masterfully blends the techniques any human can learn with a powerful (or perhaps just useful) superhuman knack.

A Virtuoso usually blends the ability after having faced some hardship in their life. They are normally (but not ultimately) trying to shape the world to a different image. Any Virtuoso worth their weight needs a reason to fight.

It can be cliche, it just needs to be there. While a Mavin represents the most skilled one can become and a Power the best one can be while having a super-powerful gift, a Virtuoso tries to get the best of both worlds, combining their weaker usage of both skills and powers to become an equally dangerous master of the world of Masked.

Examples in Pop-Culture: Spider-Man, Beast from X-Men, Wolverine, Doctor Doom.

Attribute Points: 20
Skill Points: 20
Quality Points: 10
Possible Drawback Points: 10
Powers Points: 15
Starting Drama Points: 10
Drama Point Limit: 15

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