The character is especially vulnerable to some substance that must be in keeping with the character concept. It could also reflect the character's nature, such as a '50s robot taking extra damage from water or a certain alien's weakness to weapons from his home planet. The values differ according to how frequently a weakness appears in the context of the game.

A very rare substance, such as Ununquadium really hurts you when you come into contact with it. It does no damage but means you can hardly move. You cannot make combat actions.
Value: 1

A rare substance which either does double damage, ignores all armor and superhuman defenses, or automatically destroys your character when she reaches 0 Life Points.
Value: 2

Something common that does damage each round it is in contact with the character or something less common that does massive damage (x5 multiplier instead of x1 or x2).
Value: 3

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