Weak Point

The character's body or armor suit possesses an abnormal weak point (in addition to the normal human weak points, like the heart and head). If the weak point is ever hit during combat, the damage applied is tripled.

If the attacker rolls Mind-Boggling success levels (a roll of 27 or above) they automatically hit your weakpoint (assuming they did not choose a maneuver that targets a specific body area, like a Decapitation or Brainshot).

If they know the point exists, perhaps through telepathy or with a successful Perception + Survival roll (taking up an action in combat) they can simply roll to hit with the minuses against the target's usual defensive action, announcing their intent to hit the weakspot to the PGM.

If the target is hit, they are immediately reduced to 0 Hit Points and fall unconscious. The opponent, or even the character, may not be aware the weak point exists, however, until its presence is discovered by accident or through careful study.

1 The weak point is tiny (-6 maneuver).
2 The weak point is small (-4 maneuver).
3 The weak point is noticeable (-2 maneuver).

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