Assault Rifle Bullet 10 10 Fires in up to 12 round autofire as a single Roll1, 20-30 rounds/clip. Takes one full round to reload the gun. Illegal in Lotus City, technically.
Axe Slash/Stab Str x5 Str x4 Str+1 x4 when two-handed. -1 to Maneuvers, though.
Baseball Bat Bash Str x3 Str x3 None.
Baton Bash Str x3 Str x3 None. Illegal to carry in Lotus City, but rarely enforced.
Big Ass Pistol Bullet 10 10 Large-caliber hand-cannons. Revolvers, Desert Eagles.
Big Ass Sword Slash/Stab Str+1 x5 Str+1 x5 Two-handed.
Big Ass Knife Slash/Stab Str x3 Str x3 None.
Bow Slash/Stab None Str+1 x3 None.
Chainsaw Slash/Stab Str+1 x7 Str+1 x7 -3 modifier to wield.
Crossbow Slash/Stab None 15 Takes 1 turn to reload.
Elephant Gun Bullet None 18 1 turn to reload.
Flamethrower Fire None 6/3 10 bursts/tank.
Flare Gun Fire None 4 Blinds for 1 round.
Gas Lantern Fire None 8 3 yard radius.
Grenade Bash 50 20/8 Where did you get a hand grenade?
Knife Slash/Stab Str x2 Str -1 x2 None.
Mace Bash Str x4 Str -1 x4 Str+1 x4 two-handed.
Molotov Cocktail Fire None. 12 None.
Pigsticker Slash/Stab Str-1 x2 Str -1 None.
Pistol Bullet None 8 A normal-sized handgun. Your average Beretta, Glock. Legal to carry and conceal, though only if properly registered and purchased with the proper paperwork.
Pistol Crossbow Slash/Stab 8 12 Takes 1 turn to reload.
Quarterstaff Bash Str+1 x3 Str+1 x3 None.
Rifle Bullet None 14 5-10 round magazine. Legal to own when registered correctly.
Rocket Launcher Fire 100 35/10 God is great.
Short Bow Slash/Stab Str x3 Str x2 None.
Shotgun Bullet None 18 Sawed-off is -2 to hit, but spreads (+5 base damage)
Spear Slash/Stab Str+1 x3 Str x3 None.
Submachine Gun Bullet None 8 20-40 shots, 12 round autofire. Illegal in Lotus City.
Sword Slash/Stab Str x4 Str x4 Str+1 x4 two-handed.
Taser Bash None 5 Must pass a double CON roll -5 to stay awake, with a penalty equal to the success levels of the roll to hit - Dex/Get Med for hand-helds, Dex/Gun Fu for guns. Good luck.
Tommy Gun Bullet None 8 100 round drum, up to 12 round autofire2. Legal when properly modified but easily made automatic. Full round to reload.
Whip Bash Str x2 Str x2 You look ridiculous, though.

For autofire, every second bullet fired will add a cumulative minus penalty to your to-hit roll. So if you were inexperienced, and let loose a volley of ten rounds in one large automatic burst, it would be rolled with a -5 penalty. If you've ever actually tried firing an assault rifle or machine gun in a sustained manner, you'll know exactly what this penalty is like - controlling a force of nature. There is a reason military is trained to fire in short, controlled bursts.

Range penalties differ depending on the specifics of the weapon and is generally at the GM's discretion and shouldn't ever come up, most of the time. If you really need a loose rule, add a -2 cumulative penalty starting at the weapon's maximum effective range and progressing by 2 for every 20 meters over it.

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